Dog walking business names: 99 ideas to get you inspired

man at a desk with dog choosing a dog walking business name

So much planning goes into launching a new dog walking business and your name is a big part of what makes it stand out.

But how do you choose a name that is catchy, memorable and sits well with your dog brand? I’m here to give you some super simple tips and kickstart your creative brainstorming.

How to choose a business name?

It’s really easy to get bogged down with creative ideas when thinking about names for a new business venture. I always like to consider the following four-point steps to keep things simple:

1. Does it fit with your service and business style?

Think about what you want to convey with your business name. A name like Precious Paws has a nice ring to it, but if you plan to take big, boisterous dogs out on muddy woodland walks would this work for your clientele? Instead, something like Mucky Mutts might work better. Make sure your business name aligns with your target audience and the type of dog walking service you’ll be offering.

2. Does it tell a story or evoke emotion?

Dog walking business names that really work for me are names that give an indication of your values, evoke trust and make people believe that you’re going to look after their beloved pooch. A really simple way to achieve this is by incorporating words that describe a friendly atmosphere, like active, happy or club. They sound fun and really portray a good narrative to your customer.

3. Is it easy to say and spell?

It may sound obvious, but you’re going to be saying this name A LOT in the future. Make sure it’s easy for people to understand over the phone and easy to spell. It will soon drive you mad if you’re always having to spell your name out to people. Try speaking to a couple of friends that fall into your target market and get their feedback on your potential dog walking business names.

4. Is it available?

Early on in any brainstorming process I always like to check if my business name (or a similar variation) is available as a website domain name. There’s nothing worst than choosing a name only to find you can’t get the or .com version or worst still that another dog walking company has got there first.

To avoid that bitter feeling of disappointment, head over to NameCheap to check the domain availability and carry out a quick Google search to see if anyone else is using it before you get too attached to the name.

99 dog walking bussiness names to get you inspired

A Mutts Paradise
The Pet Nanny
One Happy Dog
Happy Canine
Your Pet’s Friend
Happy Pack Pet Walks
Pampered Pooch
Happy Paws
Happy Hounds
The Dog Brigade
Hot Doggity
Mucky Mutts
Paws Pet Services
Tails and Trials
The Dog Walking Co
Lucky Dog
Mucky Paws
Ruff & Tuff Pet Services
Canine Friends
Doggie Workout
Doggy Haven
Mad About Mutts
Active Pooch Pet Services
The Urban Dog
Happy Walkies
Walks on the Wild Side
Sunnyside Pet Services
The Happy Mutt
Cloud K9
Dog Walking with Friends
Wiggles & Waggles
Hound’s Haven
Dogs Day Out
Pawsome Pups
Waggy Days
Sleepy Pup Dog Walking
Happy Dog Care
Dog Adventures
Wagging Pups
Happy Pup
Wagging Tails
City Dog Walker
Absolute Pet Services
The Paw Sitter
Amigo Dog Walker
Canine Gang
Your Pup Nanny
Prestige Pets
Running paws
The Pet Pro
Your Pups Best Friend
PaK9 Companion
Wagzone Pet Services
Precious Paws
Happy Dog Club
The Pet Pack
Paw Trails
Happy Dog Play
Pawfect Dog Walking Services
Savvy Dog Walker
Doggie Butler
Dogs Outdoors
Panting Pups
Dog Collective
Happy Pups
Canine Club
One Happy Pooch
Pampered Pup
City Pets
Golden Leash
Woof & Walk Dog Walking Services
Tired Pooch
Happy Trails
Top Dog Pet Services
Wags & Walks
The dog walker
Barking All the Way
Walkin’ Paws
The Walkies Pro
Pet Hangout
Oh Happy Pets
Super Dog Pet Services
Fetch Pet Services
Doggy Paradise
The Pet Nanny
Doggy Waddle
Muddy Paws Happy Pup
Active Animals
Pawsome Pet Services
Countryside Pet Sitter
Happy Hound Troop
Happy Barker
Sandy Paws and Waggy Tails
Mucky Pup
I Heart Dogs
Let’s Walk
Tired Hound

Useful tools to help you choose a dog business name

Here are a few free, online tools I like to use to help get creative and come up with dog walking business names.


If you want to be the next Google of the dog walking world then this is the tool for you! Namelix is a neat search tool that generates slick branded business names which aren’t real words, how about Dogily, RedBone or Waggs? Plus if you’re a more visual thinker, it also displays logo ideas to go alongside the business name.

FreshBooks Business Name Generator

This free tool from the accounting giant, Freshbooks, is a great place to start. The tool is pretty simple and by just entering a few keywords and indicating your business type it quickly generates suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.


Once you’ve got a few names you like NameMesh is a great tool to see whether the domain name is available and if it’s not what other options you can choose. It also has a handy ‘similar’ section which pulls in alternative names that are similar but not quite the same. Very useful if your chosen name isn’t available as a domain.

That’s it! Get brainstorming and let me know how you get on. Please drop a comment below and let me know what you come up with. I’m always happy to give feedback.

Looking to expand from just a name to creating a fully-fledged dog walking brand? Check out my blog post on how to create a dog walking brand people will remember.

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