3 quick-fire marketing strategies to get more dog walking clients fast

Sometimes you just need more clients for your dog business and you need marketing strategies that will get you results fast. 

That’s where my three quick-fire marketing strategies come in.

They’re perfect for when you’re just starting your dog walking business and need to get your first clients onboard, or if you’re an established business going through a slow patch and want to gain some traction.

These strategies aren’t necessarily easy but with hard work and a bit of determination, you will see results in no time. 

Right, let’s get started…

Leverage your friends and family

The guaranteed BEST place to start if you truly want to get some quick-wins is with your friends and family.

They’re your biggest fans so they’re going to go the extra mile for you.

The key here is to get them to make personal introductions. 

Email or call 10 local friends or family members, focussing on those that have dogs first.

Tell them about your dog walking business (if they don’t know about it already), what services you’re offering and what makes you unique. 

Firstly, ask them if it’s of interest to them (this is an obvious win if it is!). And more importantly, ask them to refer you to two or three of their friends that have dogs in the local area.

Either they can connect you over email or they can pass you their contact details. Make sure to keep a speadsheet so you can keep track of all your new contacts. 

Repeat this for each of your 10 initial contacts and you’ve quickly got yourself an additional 20-30 possible leads.

Now it’s time to email each of these leads to tell them about your new dog walking business, making sure to mention what makes you different and including a call to action at the end. A

Also, be sure to mention who told you about them so they know the email isn’t completely cold!

To make your life easier, I’ve included a copy of an email I’ve sent in the past. Feel free to copy!

Hi [name],

Hope you’re well! Our mutual friend [name of friend] gave me your details and mentioned you have a pet dog. I hope you don’t mind me reaching out.

I wanted to let you know about a new dog walking business I’ve just launched in [name of city] called [business name – inc. link to website].

We specialise in [USP 1] and [USP 2] so our pooches always get home tired and happy.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know in case it might be of interest to you or a friend.

I’m offering half-price walks to anyone that books in with me this week.

Would that be of interest? Let me know and I’d be happy to drop by for a chat.



Yes this strategy takes a little ground work, but we’re hustling here to get your first few clients. With a few hours work I guarantee you’ll see results!

What’s more, even if only a couple of the leads turn into clients, at the very least there are now another 30 people in the world that know about your awesome dog walking business.

Facebook groups

Facebook is full of hyper niche and local groups that will contain your target audience.

Start by heading over to Facebook and searching for 

  • [your city/town] + dog owners 
  • [your city/town] + dogs

When the results show, click the groups tab and look for groups with active engagement.

Ask to join any that look promising and make a note of them in a spreadsheet so you remember all the groups you’re joining.

Now it’s time to start engaging with the conversations on the group using your business account. Make sure you add value wherever possible. Once you’ve made a few comments, post a short, non-salesy message about your business. Again make sure you highlight your key differences and USPs.

Make sure you read the group rules before posting.

It’s frowned upon to just drop into these groups and promote your own business straight away. More often than not the posts won’t get approved or will be deleted.

Run a social media giveaway

I’m a big fan of giveaways on social media if they’re done the right way.

When you’re starting out they are an especially good way to increase exposure of your brand to your target audience.

The key is to try to craft your competition to:

  • Attract a local audience – by focussing entrants on your county or city. It’s not that useful to have people entering from 400 miles away.
  • Increase your social followers – over the long term increasing your number of followers on social media will help, so use the giveaway to boost your numbers.
  • Engage with entrants directly – comment, comment, comment! This is the perfect opportunity to start building your community and make relationships.

So how do I launch a giveaway for my dog walking business?

What’s your prize?

Your giveaway could include a bundle of pet goodies (that you source in partnership with a local pet store) and a week of free walks. Just make sure your prize is highly desirable and relevant to your pet business.

How do people enter the competition?

  1. Ask people to caption a funny picture of you out walking a dog
  2. Like or follow your page 
  3. Tag two friends locally that would also like the prize.

People love dogs, so this will instantly attract a good amount of engagement, but also using a picture of you shows off what you do and makes you approachable.

As the comments come flooding in try to engage and comment with each person as much as possible. This is such a powerful way to build a community and build a loyal follower base.

Just be sure to include clear instructions on how entrants can win, give an end date and make sure you abide by competition rules on your relevant platform. If you’re running a Facebook comp then this guide from SuperLucky is super useful

Have you got any other quick tips you want to share? Or questions on my strategies. Drop a comment below.

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